Since 1977, Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt has literally helped build Southern Colorado by constructing thousands of miles of county roads and State highways. Rocky Mountain has lead the way in private sector construction and continued working with public agencies that utilize asphalt products and services by providing innovative construction methods and completing quality projects in a timely matter.

Rocky Mountain prides itself in their ability to work as a team with private contractors and goverment agencies in achieving mutual succes through versatility and outstanding performance.

Rocky Mountain began as an aggregate materials supply business in 1977 by Stephen Schnurr with a handful of talented associates. Rocky Mountain continues to be a major supplier of decorative landscape rock and other landscape materials. Rocky Mountain's on-time delivery of landscape materials is second to none.

In 1979, it expanded its services to include asphalt paving. The company purchased its first asphalt plant in 1985, and by 1990, Rocky Mountain was producing its own aggregate materials for use in the production of asphalt and for retail sales. It's quarries supply many of the decorative rock products sold by retailers all up and down the Front Range of Colorado and beyond.

It currently owns five gravel operations and two asphalt plants, one with a state-of-the-art design that tripled the number of trucks that can be loaded, thus enhancing the efficiency of local building contractors.

Rocky Mountain's independent laboratory conducts quality assurance testing in pursuit of high quality asphalt that exceeds state standards. Rocky Mountian employs approximately three hundred emplooyees today as Colorado Springs' only private locally owned asphalt producer.

In August of 2000, Rocky Mountain Premix started producing concrete out of a "state-of-the-art" central mix batch plant, which is located on the city's fast-growing east side. Five years later, an additional concrete plant went in on the south side of town. These plants are located on both sides of the city to provide contractors with fresh "premixed" concrete. The plants are both wet batch plants. Pre-mixed concrete is a better quality, more consistent, more durable product that is rapidly catching on in favor with local contractors and homeowners alike. We are proud to call our newest company — Rocky Mountain Pre-Mix.

The ability to forge cooperative relationships with other companies and federal, state and local governments is instrumental to Rocky Mountain’s longevity and success. Rocky Mountain built or rebuilt most of the roads at the Air Force Academy and was subsequently presented with awards of distinction for this achievement.

Key traffic corridors — parts of Interstate 25, Highway 24 and Highway 94 — were developed by RMMA. Also building runways at Peterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Academy.

In 1994, Rocky Mountain won the Region VIII “Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year” award from the Small Business Administration for its outstanding contributions as a prime contractor to the federal government.

Rocky Mountain is strategically involved with the military — from rebuilding tank crossings and loading stations for the Kosova Crisis to providing security barriers for the Air Force Academy. Working with a high level security clearance, Rocky Mountain also paved the tunnel that controls access to the strategic NORAD facility located within Cheyenne Mountain.

Rocky Mountain was one of the first Colorado companies to qualify as a “Certified Safe Work Place” by the Colorado Department of Labor, and the company continues to monitor worker safety with weekly “toolbox” meetings.

Rocky Mountain supports Colorado Springs quality of life in several ways. By holding a remarkable level enviromental resposibility and by contributing to social services, such as Junior Achievement and Silver Key Senior services, that help the city’s youth and the elderly. The list of donations is ever changing and too long to include on this page.

Red Canyon Quarry

The natural beauty of the area is another primary value of the community. Rocky Mountain protects this interest by utilizing recycled materials in their asphalt mix and in other construction products. The Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Division has recognized RMMA for its commitment to environmental protection and for its pioneering of the practice of concurrent reclamation of mined areas.

Rocky Mountain’s level of commitment to the community is achievable because of its local ownership. Our employees live here, work here, play here, and grow here. We will be here when others are gone.